Rice Cracker "Black Soybeans" Hand made 【Additive-Free】-丹波黒大豆おかき- 9pc

Best Before: Aug/14/2021

Reliable and gentle handmade Rice crackers

A limited quantity of gluten-free rice crakers with no additives, which are rare in Japan, are available!

The crisp and light dough is accented with the scent and texture of soybeans.
A rice crakers that you can enjoy the taste and sweetness of black soybeans.

◆ Gluten Free
◆ Additive-free, Artificial coloring-free
◆ Low Sodium
◆ Organic, Pesticides-free, or Reduced pesticides materials
◆ Sticky Rice (Hiyoku-mochi) from Kumamoto
◆ Salt – Salt from Hokkaido, Okinawa & Original Blend
◆One-piece net grilling method – Hand Grilled