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【KAYO】Seaweed Boiled "Soy Sauce" -四万十川川のり佃煮醤油味- 100g

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Best Before: Jan/06/2023

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It has always been synonymous with Shimanto Tsukudani.
“Tsukudani of river seaweed” has been a long-selling product for over 28 years since its birth.

"Tsukudani of river seaweed" has grown into a popular product that represents Shimanto. Here is a product that is the originator and continues to be a long-selling product. It is a standard product of supplementary products that has many fans all over Japan.The secret of its popularity is, above all, the goodness of the materials selected by professionals who know the river glue and the deliciousness that cannot be imitated by the original manufacturing method.The raw materials are carefully selected domestically produced high-quality sea lettuce (Hitoegusa) grown in the cultivated area at the mouth of the Shimanto River under the beautiful water and bright sunlight, and blended in a golden ratio.It is cooked in a natural state without any extra processing, and is finished so that you can fully enjoy the original texture and flavor of the material.It is a long-selling product that has received many such happy voices, saying, "Once you taste it, you can't let go of it."