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【KANEMOTO】Eatable Miso "Ginger" -おかず味噌 生姜みそ- 100g

Best Before: May/17/2023

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Made with Shinshu miso and ginger from Kochi prefecture.

Ginger, which can be said to be a representative of condiments, is coarsely chopped and tightly confined.
Shinshu miso mellows the sharp spiciness of ginger, but it is a side dish miso with exquisite taste as if you are eating ginger itself.
The base Shinshu miso is also finished so that lumps of soybeans remain.
For instant miso soup, hot pot condiments, tofu, etc ...

・ With noodle soup and somen noodles and soba noodles
・ For condiments in pots
・ Pour hot water into instant miso soup
・ For the secret taste of simmered dishes and boiled fish
・ Put it on tofu

■ Raw materials
Miso, ginger (produced in Kochi prefecture), sugar, dried bonito powder
■ Allergic items
■ Contents

After opening, please refrigerate and consume as soon as possible.