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【SOKEN】Hayashi Rice-Style Sauce with Plant Ingredients (Retort) - 植物素材のハヤシライス風ソース -

Best Before: Oct/24/2023

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Sliced soybean meat made from Japanese soybeans, which tastes like meat, is simmered with eringi mushrooms and onions in red wine to bring out the deep and rich flavor of this hashed rice-style sauce.


〇This sauce is a hashed rice-style sauce made with only vegetable ingredients.
〇Sliced soybean meat made from Japanese soybeans with a meat-like flavor, eringi mushrooms and onions are simmered in red wine to bring out a deep and rich flavor.
〇No animal ingredients are used.
〇No chemical seasonings, thickeners, flavors or colors.
〇Zero cholesterol
〇150g per serving
〇Soybeans for granular soy protein and soybeans for soymilk are produced and distributed under separate production and distribution management to prevent contamination from genetically modified soybeans.


Vegetables (eringi mushrooms, onions), tomato paste, soy protein board, soy milk, wheat flour, benihana oil, sugar, wine, Worcestershire sauce, tomato ketchup, vegetable extract, miso, soy sauce, salt, malt extract, (contains some wheat, soybean, apple)


■How to cook

When heating in hot water:

Place the pouch directly into boiling water without opening the seal and allow it to boil for 5 to 7 minutes before opening the seal.
When using a microwave oven:

Be sure to remove the pouch from the microwave oven and transfer it to a deep heat-resistant container and cover with plastic wrap before heating. (Approximate heating time: 2 minutes at 500W)