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【CHIBASANCHOKU】Canned Stewed Mackerel with Miso-とろさば みそ煮-180g

Best Before: Dec/10/2023

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Carefully selected large mackerel of about 400g are picked during Autumn and Winter when they have the most fat, resulting in moist and juicy fish.

The picked mackerel is then simmered in a miso mix consisting of miso, sugar, and soy sauce. The simmering process results in tender, juicy, umami packed, bone melting, rich, and savory/sweet bites that pair well with anything or can be eaten on its own. This is a great choice for the pickiest of eaters as the bones are non-existent in this simmered mackerel, they simply melt-in-your-mouth!

Chibasanchoku canned stewed mackerel with miso is a great addition to your next meal! [Ingredients] Mackerel, miso, sugar, soy sauce, wheat, salt 6.35oz