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【UNI MURAKAMI】Sea urchin salt - うに塩 - 15g

Best Before: Oct/20/2022

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【Handmade sea urchin salt made by a sea urchin specialty store】
No additives are used, and it is painstakingly made by hand with the finest of hidden flavors.
The salt is not flavored with sea urchin, but rather with the rich taste of sea urchin.

After feeling the saltiness, the soft sweetness and flavor of sea urchin stimulate your taste buds and spread.
Unni-salt has an elegant taste and can be enjoyed as an accent to dishes like matcha salt.

It can be used in a variety of ways, such as tempura, soup, porridge, ochazuke, salad, and chilled tofu. The rich flavor of sea urchin will soak into your dishes.

If you are having an unexpected guest or a home party, you will be surprised by the unique taste.