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【KOKORONOSU】Pure rice vinegar - 純米 心の酢 上澄み無濾過 - 500ml

Best Before: Nov/07/2023

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This vinegar is made from organically grown Koshihikari rice and subsoil water from Mt. Fuji. It is brewed only by the action of seed malt, yeast, and seed vinegar. The process begins with koji making, followed by about four months of sake-fermentation and acetic acid fermentation. It takes more than eight months to mature. We take our time to wait for the acetic acid bacteria to settle down, the lees to settle down, and the supernatant to change into a mellow taste. We do not artificially speed up the fermentation process, nor do we use any food additives.
We bottle the "supernatant" that is produced in the natural process and deliver it to you.

The biggest difference between this product and other companies' products is that it is not filtered.

In the normal filtration process, we use a filtration machine, a filtering agent, and several kinds of food additives to make it clear, but we don't just remove the lees. It can also remove odor, remove or add color, and make it shiny. I don't know if it's filtered "for taste", but I love aged supernatant for a long time.


Ingredients: Organically grown rice
Acidity: 4.2
Storage method: Store at room temperature away from direct sunlight.

<Nutritional information (per 100g)
Energy: 19kcal
Protein: 0.3g
Fat: 0.1g
Carbohydrate: 5.5g
Amount equivalent to salt: 0g