the rice factory (also known as the 3rd generation Tawaraya Genbee) is our rice brand we created in Hong Kong in 2009, becoming the first Japanese specialty rice shop to open abroad.
We created the rice factory to allow access to our delicious Japanese rice worldwide.

At the time, “Japonica” rice was mainstream – a false imitation rice that holds no comparison with the quality, taste, and aroma to this “crystal of technology” that Japanese farmers have been perfecting for centuries. Even duplicate varieties of rice cannot reach the superior potential without their Japanese soil in which they originated.

After years of evaluating rice from many different regions, we were able to form solid partnerships with our hard working farmers to produce the best varieties of heirloom rice in the cleanest environments of Japan.

provide rice
in its
best condition

Tomohiro Deguchi

Given the sensitive perishability of rice, it is also of our interest and therefore our commitment, to “provide rice in its best condition” – we only export our fresh and unpolished rice in cold containers kept in optimum temperature environments – from its origin in Japan, to its destination in our advanced warehouses overseas. Lastly, we
polish each batch on site per order, with added consideration to the day’s fluctuating temperatures and humidity levels, finally delivering the highest quality rice to our customers.

Additionally, we implement marketing outreach and education to our customers, helping them to understand the historical traditions and cultural connections, along with the special production processes and recipes of our fine product.
From our first venture in Hong Kong, we have expanded to open locations in Taiwan and Singapore, and now operate our fourth storefront in Honolulu, Hawai’i. We have received much support during our growth, completing over 140,000 orders from individual customers and more than 400 restaurants. With gratitude we will continue to grow and share our unprecedented rice to the world.

Wakka Japan Co,.,Ltd.CEOTomohiro Deguchi

the rice factory