from HokkaidoYumepirika

Taste Ranking in 2018 ~ Special A rank
from Hokkaido Yumepirika

(Hokkaido / Asahikawa) Agricultural group: "Inaho no Sato" production.

the rice factory's top recommendation!
To compete with Koshihikari, this top-grade variety of Hokkaido rice was bred to perfection for over 11 years. It is characterized by a moderately soft texture and a sweetness that pairs perfectly with meat dishes. You will notice it's unique sweetness expand the more you chew, inviting you to eat as much as you want. It holds a brilliant glossy shine, represented by Ainu 'beautiful' 'Pirika'.


bento box • musubi rice ball etc

curry • fried rice • paella

from HokkaidoNanatsuboshi

Flavor ranking in 2018 ~ special A rank
from Hokkaido Nanatsuboshi

(Hokkaido / Shiribeshi) Agricultural group; several companies production

Very popular among rice lovers. Nanatsuboshi has a light and crispy taste when compared to Yumepirika.
With a soft texture and moderate taste, Nanatsudobashi brings out the taste of your side dishes. A particularly beneficial attribute for your specific recipes, these rice grains do not stick together and it maintains it's delicious flavor even when served cold.


Almighty rice

from Yamagata prefectureTsuyahime

Taste ranking in 2018 ~ special A rank
from Yamagata prefecture Tsuyahime

(Yamagata / Shonai) Produced by Sugawara Seiichi

Tsuyahime is defined by "sweetness", "umami", "gloss", and is highly appreciated - as it received an evaluation even above Koshihikari. It has a reputation for its robust appearance - a bright vibrancy and gloss when cooked, it is becoming popular as a beautiful and delicious rice.


Japanese cuisine, Natto etc.

Fried rice, paella, pilaf etc.

from ToyamaKoshihikari

Taste ranking in 2018~ A rank
from Toyama Koshihikari

(Toyama prefecture / Nyuzen ) Agricultural group; Yoneyama production

Koshihikari is known as the king of Japanese rice.
The variety with the highest demand and production volume in Japan, the greatest attraction to this rice goes to its taste - having a characteristic taste that stands out. Excellent stickiness, fragrance, gloss, beauty of grain, and crispness are its other strong suits.


Hamburger, pork cutlet and other meat dishes

fried rice, pilaf etc.

from Nigata prefectureKoshiibuki

Taste Rank in 2018 ~ A Rank
from Nigata prefecture Koshiibuki

(Niigata / Shibata) Japanese Mayor Shibata's top choice.

Produced ONLY in Niigata - this is a rare rice variety.
Compared with Koshihikari, it's general stickiness is less, it's grains stand one by one from the moment of cooking, having a very firm texture. It's sweetness level is slightly lower to Koshihikari rice as it offers a more savory aftertaste.


Almighty rice

from Nagano PrefectureKamiakari

Japan's first overseas export specialized farm
from Nagano Prefecture Kamiakari

(Nagano Prefecture / Ina) the rice factory’s farm

This Japonic(traditionally farmed)rice is a relative of the Koshihikari variety and was discovered due to its giant.
It is a special rice with 3 to 4 times as much germ as normal brown rice.
Upon first bite, it is impressive that the giant germ (which is the characteristic of Kamiakari) explodes in the mouth. Sweetness appears first, followed by the familiar savory rice flavor which continues until the aftertaste, which remains umami.