holiday gift box
holiday gift box



We have a special gift set for you this year!
How about a gift for that special someone?

YAMAROKU Soy Sauce Tsurubishio 4 Years Aged
HIRASHO Aged salmon flake
TATEISHI Specialty Seaweed
Hokkaido Yumepirika
Holiday gift box

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  • Limited quantity of 2000 units available (unable to be purchased once sold out)
  • Choose between white rice or brown rice.
  • We provide FREE shipping on all domestic orders in the USA excluding Alaska and Hawaii.
  • It cannot be bundled with other products. (Multiple purchases of GIFT BOX are possible)
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Orders will ship as soon as they are prepped and ready.

Shipping is scheduled for early to mid-December

Whatever the reason may be, it's not always possible to visit family and friends over the holidays. Despite the distance, this gift set is a way to spread the love and make them feel appreciated!

If you're wondering, "What should I get them?", you can't go wrong with this choice!
This gift set features some of the rice factory's popular products.



東川 みずのとくらすJRひがしかわ

Higashikawa rice “YUMEPIRIKA” is produced according to the same standards as those distributed in Japan, and the rice is produced only after selecting fields dedicated to export. The highest quality (low protein) rice is then carefully selected and shipped.



東川 みずのとくらすJRひがしかわ

Higashikawa Town is located at the foot of Mt. Asahidake in Hokkaido, and as a town without a water supply, all the townspeople live with groundwater (mineral water: Daisetsu Asahidake source water), which is rare in Japan. Higashikawa rice “YUMEPIRIKA”, which is produced in the same water, is characterized by its plump texture and natural sweetness.