Miso Organic "2-years aged" -有機2年熟成味噌-

Best Before: Dec/23/2021

Organic miso aged for two years

It has a different taste from normal miso.

The flavor of miso is basically characterized by the sweetness of rice, the umami of soybeans, and the saltiness (enmi) and spiciness of salt, but when the miso is aged for a long time without heating, the soybeans give a slight sourness.
In addition, the color of this miso is different from that of normal miso that has been aged for one year. Aged for more than 2 years, the color becomes darker and it gives a very rich flavor when used as miso soup. It is divided into those who like it and those who do not like it, but miso aged for more than 2 years is valuable and cannot be tasted elsewhere.

Two-year miso has a strong flavor and richness, so if you make miso soup with that alone, it will have a unique taste. In such a case, just mix about 10% with normal miso to make miso soup, etc., and the flavor and richness of the miso soup will deepen, and you can enjoy a good taste that is not too strong.

Please try it!

14.1oz (400g)