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【AMAMI】Salt Natural "Amami Coral" -奄美さんご塩 200g-


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Amami's salt is made from highly transparent seawater that springs from the coral reefs of Yoron Island.

It is made by the traditional handmade method of filtering natural coral sand before boiling it in a pot and slowly boiling it down.
Seawater that has passed through the white sand of coral is naturally filtered, and also contains abundant calcium, a component of coral. It is slowly boiled down at a low temperature to make "salt" crystals.
By boiling down at a low temperature, the evaporation of minerals contained in seawater is reduced as much as possible.
Furthermore, the iron and soil stains are removed by the secret manufacturing method that has been handed down, and pure white "Amami-sango salt" is produced.

Raw material
Seawater (Yoron Island)

We have taken all possible precautions, but on rare occasions some impurities (natural substances such as algae and shellfish) may be contained. It is harmless, but please remove it if necessary.
Since seawater is salted as it is, it may occasionally harden, but there is no problem with quality.