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【MIDORI KOUBOU】Dried Pure wasabi powder ひすいわさび乾燥粉末 15g(7.5g X 2bag)


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The unique pungent aroma of Wasabi, which existing Wasabi powders could not produce, has been reproduced by using the king of Wasabi "Mazuma" and a special low-temperature dryer. Wasabi is vulnerable to heat during drying and loses its unique aroma and spiciness. It can be stored at room temperature for a long period of time and is compact enough to be mixed with water to enjoy Wasabi.

When Wasabi dry powder is kneaded with the same amount of water, the aroma and pungency of real Wasabi can be reproduced. It can be used not only for sashimi and sushi, but also as a sauce when kneaded with more water to make a thick wasabi sauce. It is especially good with cheese and goes well with pizza, cream cheese, dressing, mayonnaise, and olive oil. For steaks and roast beef, wasabi soy sauce with soy sauce is especially recommended as it removes the richness of the fat.