【the rice farm】Retort Pack Japan Organic Brown Rice -有機玄米ごはん レトルトパック-

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You can easily eat the award-winning Japanese organic brown rice in a retort pack

Considering the health of the people who eat it, we used rice cultivated by natural farming that does not use chemically synthesized pesticides or chemical fertilizers in consideration of the environment. Packed rice made with carefully selected brown rice, which values the nutrients contained in rice bran and germ.
It can be used by those who are busy and do not have time to cook rice but want to eat good food for themselves, students, and even as nursing food.

◆ Characteristics
100% organically grown brown rice is used.
Rice made with organic fertilizer has a completely different "aroma" and "tasting taste" than rice grown conventionally using chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

(1) 1997 2nd Environmental Conservation Agriculture Promotion Contest Encouragement Award
(2) 2000, 1st national rice taste analysis appraisal committee, 1st place in taste

The content is 5.64oz.