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Gift set "Musubi" 3pc -ギフトセット結び 三個入-

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We have made our popular brand into a gift set with a nice package.Each brand comes in a cute small box.The dressing box has a Japanese pattern, and the knot that connects the edges is expressed.How about a gift for your loved one?Each one is carefully packed and the box has a luxurious label and mizuhiki.Includes instructions on the characteristics of rice, the amount of water, and how to cook.In addition.

3 popular brands in the small box
Red small box, Hokkaido Yumepirika 300g (0.66lb) White
Green small box, Hokkaido Nanatsuboshi 300g (0.66lb) White
Yellow small box, Niigata Koshihikari 300g (0.66lb) White