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Gift set "Musubi" 4pc -ギフトセット結び 四個入-

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We have made our popular brand into a gift set with a nice package.Each brand comes in a cute small box.The dressing box has a Japanese pattern, and the knot that connects the edges is expressed.How about a gift for your loved one?Each one is carefully packed and the box has a luxurious label and mizuhiki.Includes instructions on the characteristics of rice, the amount of water, and how to cook.In addition.

3 popular brands in the small box
Red small box, Hokkaido Yumepirika 300g (0.66lb) White
Green small box, Hokkaido Nanatsuboshi 300g (0.66lb) White
Yellow small box, Niigata Koshihikari 300g (0.66lb) White
Blue small box, Niigata Koshiibuki 300g (0.66lb) White