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【HASHIKYU】Chopsticks made of Kiso Cypress "Hana" -箸 木曽桧 華-

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Using Kiso cypress, one of Japan's three most beautiful forests, the holding hand (the handle part) is lacquer mixed with walnut powder, and slippery chopsticks. The tip of the chopsticks has a wiping lacquer finish that allows you to enjoy the texture of wood.

This chopstick uses cypress on the bare wood. Japanese cypress means "tree of fire". Japanese cypress is characterized by its beautiful wood grain, fragrance, durability and lightness. As it is also used in Japanese cypress baths, it is strong against water and has excellent strength and durability. Horyu-ji, the oldest wooden building in the world, is also made of cypress and is considered to be the best conifer.

[Chopstick length]
Large (green): 9in(23 cm)
Middle (red): 8.3in(21 cm)