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【MORIKA】Millet "Tear Grass” -はと麦- 150g

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100% Japanese "Tear grass"

Mix 20% of white rice and cook. The amount of water added is a little higher. Since the grains of "Tear grass" are larger and harder than other minor grains, you can enjoy the texture of prepuri by soaking them in water for about 2 hours before cooking.
(20% is a guideline for introduction. Please eat at your favorite rate.)

"Tear grass", which is also used for medicinal dishes, has a unique scent. For those who are interested, it is easier to eat if seasoned with spices such as curry.
If you want to make porridge, simmer it in 7 times more water than "Tear grass" for 3-4 hours.

Milled "Tear grass" are mixed with flour when making bread, udon, and sweets. Dissolving it in a small amount of water to make porridge makes it an excellent food for the sick and baby food.

■ Raw materials
Tear grass

■ Origin
Shimane Prefecture