Seasoning for syabu-syabu "Ponzu" -極上しゃぶしゃぶポン酢- 360ml -

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A long-established store founded in 1887, a shabu-shabu / sukiyaki specialty store.

Imahan has been popular with many people for a century since its establishment as a famous Kanto-style sukiyaki restaurant.Ningyocho Imahan became independent in 1956, and even in this half, it is a shop that is particular about the selection of Japanese black beef.The fruit used for the pons is "Aotori Hon Orange" from Suooshima Town, Yamaguchi Prefecture, which is known as the only purveyor to the Imperial Household Agency in Japan.To harvest the fragrant oranges, pick early when the skin is blue.In addition to the natural aroma, taste and sourness of the fruit, we have succeeded in adding depth to the taste by adding the outstandingly delicious Rishiri kelp and the flavorful dried bonito flakes.

About 12oz