【IMAHAN】Seasoning for suki-yaki -極上すき焼き割り下- 360ml

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A long-established store founded in 1887, a shabu-shabu / sukiyaki specialty store.

Imahan has been popular with many people for a century since its establishment as a famous Kanto-style sukiyaki restaurant.Ningyocho Imahan became independent in 1956, and even in this half, it is a shop that is particular about the selection of Japanese black beef.Although it is Kanto-style, the warishita is not too soy sauce-like and has a strong sweetness.It is a warishita that brings out the taste of the ingredients made by carefully examining the ingredients without adding preservatives.
It has a strong rich taste, so please adjust it to your taste with a thin layer (water or kelp soup stock).
About 12oz