Seasoning for suki-yaki ”Wooden barrel soy sauce preparation”-すき焼き割下 木樽醤油仕込み- 360ml

Best Before: Mar/23/2022

A long-established store founded in 1887, a shabu-shabu / sukiyaki specialty store.

Imahan has been popular with many people for a century since its establishment as a famous Kanto-style sukiyaki restaurant.Ningyocho Imahan became independent in 1956, and even in imahan, it is a shop that is particular about the selection of Japanese black beef.Using naturally brewed soy sauce prepared in a large wooden barrel made of Hiba core material, which is about 400 years old, and fermented and aged by the power of nature, white soy sauce, kelp from Rishiri, etc. are used to achieve a refreshing sweetness. It is a gem that is particular about the ingredients and brings out a mellow fragrance with a deep flavor and refreshing sweetness.

About 12oz