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【IMASHIBORI】Soy Sauce Live "Imashibori" -今しぼり醤油-

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"The most squeezed umami squeezed at the table"
Have you ever eaten alive soy sauce?

This Moromi contains many enzymes and continues to be fermented by lactic acid bacteria and yeast.
You can taste it as it is, you can squeeze it yourself, and you can enjoy it as a soy sauce to eat after squeezing.
There is also the Imashibori squeezer.

Description of item:
A long time ago, soy sauce was a part of our daily lives and was made at home in the same way as miso. Imashibori Soy Sauce is a product that customers can squeeze the moromi mash prepared by a Japanese manufacturer with all their heart and taste the fresh soy sauce and the Moromi after squeezing the soy sauce.

How to squeeze:
Before squeezing, add cold water and then strain with a cloth to squeeze. You can use it as it is without squeezing it.
We also handle squeezers as an option.

It is convenient to squeeze with a special tabletop soy sauce squeezer.

customer's voice:
・ It's my first experience to squeeze soy sauce! When you open the lid, the scent of soy sauce will make you feel happy.
・ I enjoy aging for 2 years (if you leave it for a long time, please stir it from time to time)
・ I'm happy with plenty of enzymes
・ The soy sauce is delicious, but the moromi mash after squeezing is too wonderful! I made various original seasonings with moromi. If you put it on the table, you will feel luxurious.

Ingredients: Wheat soybeans, crude salt, Yeast
Contents: 3.5oz