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【KANEJO】Sprinkle Natural -いその、わかめふりかけ-


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This Furikake made using domestic ingredients without using chemical seasonings / extracts

It is seasoned only with Dashi taste.
For rice and salad. It can also be used for mixed rice.
Sprinkle on rice and salad. Also for Japanese pasta and salted yakisoba.
Raw materials
Wakame, Small shrimp, dried bonito, dried sardine, dried young sardine, sugar, salt, kelp powder
Main raw material producing area
Wakame (from Naruto), Small shrimp(from Sanriku, Iwate Prefecture), Bonito (from Makurazaki, Kagoshima Prefecture), dried sardine (from Kumamoto Prefecture), Dried young sardine (from Japan), Kelp Powder (from Hokkaido)