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【KANEJO】Sprinkle kelp sardines -板前のまかない飯 昆布いわし-45g

Best Before: Aug/02/2023

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Salt-free and additive-free sprinkles using kelp, sardines, and grilled seaweed

The original taste of the ingredients is good, and you can use it by sprinkling it on seasoned dishes.
It is sweeter than bonito. For rice, yakisoba, okonomiyaki, pickles, tofu, etc.
If you pour hot water and add soy sauce, you can use it as a soup.

[For example, how to use this]
・ For rice balls ...
Oboro kelp is strongly dried, so the steam of rice will give it a moist taste. If you mix rice balls, it will be delicious even if the rice is cold.
・ Sprinkle on various dishes ...
Simply sprinkle on any dish such as rice, yakisoba, okonomiyaki, pickles, tofu, etc., and it will have a rich flavor.
・ As a snack as it is ... For bread ...
For those who like kelp, eat it as it is for snacks and snacks. It is also delicious when placed on bread.

Ingredients: Processed kelp {kelp (Hokkaido, Aomori), brewed vinegar, rice vinegar, granulated sugar}, dried sardines (made in Japan), glue (made in Japan)