Sticky Kelp Boiled in Soy Sauce -北海道こんぶ佃煮-

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It is a rare sticky kelp boiled in soy sauce using Hokkaido kelp
Using a rare sticky kelp from eastern Hokkaido, it is made with kelp, soy sauce and sake.

It is a gem with a mellow and deep flavor. It is seasoned with less sweetness.
The sticky kelp melts in the mouth and has a mellow texture.
No chemical seasonings are used.
If you eat it on warm rice, the scent of kelp and soy sauce will spread out and you will be able to enjoy the rich taste.
In addition, it can be used as an ingredient for a wide variety of dishes, both Japanese, Western and Chinese, mixed with ochazuke, rice balls, rice porridge, lightly pickled vegetables, cold fried chicken, salad, spaghetti, and natto.