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【HASHIKYU】Chopsticks "Adamantine" -塗分け 金剛-


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As its name suggests, it is a robust and solemn design of chopsticks. The tip of the chopsticks has a dry lacquer finish that does not slip easily. Dry lacquer is made by applying dry lacquer powder (dried lacquer powder) on top of lacquer, and then applying lacquer and polishing it.

This chopstick uses Maras on bare wood. Maras is a large tree with a height of 45 m and a diameter of 1 m. It is hard and durable, so it is also used for construction, floor boards, piles, beams, joists, bridges, etc. These chopsticks have a wiping lacquer finish that allows you to enjoy the texture of bare wood.

[Chopstick length]
Large: 9in(23 cm)
Medium: 8.3in(21 cm)