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【Miyagi Farm】Handmade mayonnaise "Premium" - 手づくりプレミアムマヨネーズ - 210g

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Best Before: Aug/29/2023

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Additive-free mayonnaise with the richness and taste of eggs.

This mayonnaise is processed directly from farm-direct morning eggs produced in Okinawa, Japan from flat-roasted hens that utilize microorganisms and do not rely on chemicals or disinfection.
Each jar contains the yolks of 2.5 eggs.
This mayonnaise is full of egg-like flavor, made possible by the delicious freshness of the eggs.

Premium is made from domestically produced rapeseed oil pressed by Hirata Sangyo, which gives it a more refreshing taste.
We hope you will try it.

Ingredients (plain): edible food oil (rape seed oil), egg yolk, vinegar (including apple), salt, sugar, mustard.