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【KANEJO】Sprinkle with seaweed and sardines -あったかご飯に海苔いわし-

Best Before: May/15/2023

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Shave only sardine sardines carefully selected with high quality and sprinkle with domestic chopped seaweed

It is made with a fluffy texture and savory aftertaste.
Isofubuki is rich in calcium, which is said to tend to be in short supply.
Isofubuki has no extra seasoning.
So, try various dishes as toppings and incorporate them into your daily diet.

Calcium comparison
Dry bonito 46 mg
Milk (normal milk) 110mg
Isofubuki 1,950mg

For example
If you enjoy it over rice, sprinkle it with soy sauce, sesame oil, etc., if you like.