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【KANEJO】Sprinkle with seaweed and tuna -あったかご飯に海苔まぐろ-


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As a friend of luxury rice with tuna shavings

Tuna shavings are lighter and more elegant than bonito shavings.
Generally, it is wide or thread-shaped, and because of its characteristics, it is often used in kaiseki cuisine.
This is a simple topping with tuna shavings and seaweed.
As a raw material, we use a custom-made raw material that has died to the core, tuna dried Honbushi from Makurazaki.
The tuna-bushi itself is very modest and elegant, but it brings out the "sweetness" of the material itself used together.
Therefore, it can be said that it is an irresistible rice companion for rice lovers.
The tuna shavings of "seaweed tuna" are shaving using our original kaka manufacturing method. Therefore, even if soy sauce is applied, it will not harden and is very easy to eat.
Especially when it is used as a rice ball ingredient or mixed rice, it has been well-received for its ease of use.