【J-ORGARICE】Retort Pack ”Onigiri” Japan Organic Brown Rice -有機玄米おにぎりパック-

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Rice competition The award-winning Japanese organic brown rice is used as a rice ball in a retort pack!

You can easily make rice balls just by warming them in the microwave! Easy-to-eat rice balls with health in mind have been retorted.
Considering the health of the people who eat it, we used rice cultivated by natural farming that does not use chemically synthesized pesticides or chemical fertilizers in consideration of the environment. Packed rice made with carefully selected brown rice, which values ​​the nutrients contained in the bran and germ.
It can be used by those who are busy and do not have time to cook rice but want to eat good food for themselves, students, and even as nursing food.
There are 3 flavors.
You can eat the plain type with a little salt as it is, or you can add your favorite ingredients.
The seaweed type is seasoned so that even children who are not good at brown rice can easily eat it.
The shiso type has a refreshing flavor and is perfect for summer.
Variety packs are good deals, so I recommend it to those who are new to it.

◆ Characteristics
100% organically grown brown rice is used.
Rice made with organic fertilizer has a completely different "aroma" and "tasting taste" than rice grown conventionally using chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

(1) 1997 Second Environmental Conservation Agriculture Promotion Contest Encouragement Award
(2) 2000, 1st national rice taste analysis appraisal committee, 1st place in taste

3.2oz x 2 pieces in one package.