【CHIBASANCHOKU】Canned Oyster in Olive Oil -オイスターのオリーブオイル漬け- 100g

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Hiroshima Prefecture oysters in olive oil
Non-smoked type. With the finest oil.

It's a rare non-smoked oyster oil pickle, so it's easy to match it with food, and it's especially recommended for those who are particular about sticking. I filled a can of oysters from Hiroshima and pickled them with only Spanish EX virgin olive oil and salt.
● Only Hiroshima oysters with the highest production volume in Japan are used!
The oysters used in this product are freshly-caught oysters from Hiroshima prefecture, and use a patented proprietary method to condense the umami in oysters.
●High quality Spanish EX virgin olive oil
We use the extra virgin olive oil, which has the best flavor and aroma of the early-picked organically cultivated olives grown in the mountainous regions of Spain and squeezed at low temperature. The oil combined with the oyster extract is the most delicious!

[Ingredients] Oyster (Hiroshima Prefecture), EX Virgin Olive Oil (Spain), Salt (Korea / Shioda Sun Salt)