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【KANEMOTO】Eatable Miso "Plenty of Garlic" -おかず味噌 ごろごろにんにく- 90g


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A feeling of ingredients that does not betray the name "Plenty of garlic".

Zaku-chopped garlic from Aomori prefecture is lumpy, and onions and "soy meat", which is said to be the meat of the field, are added.
Soybean meat absorbs Shinshu miso, which is exuded with the umami of garlic and the umami of onions, giving it a meat-like texture.
It is a delicious side dish miso that does not disappoint, not only the taste but also the texture.
As a companion to rice, a versatile seasoning, as a snack as it is ...

・ Put it on rice as it is
・ Dissolve in ramen soup
・ For seasoning of stir-fried meat and vegetables
・ The interesting idea of ​​mixing it with curry roux and eating it ...

■ Raw materials
Miso, garlic (produced in Aomori prefecture), processed soybeans, onions, sugar, sesame, mirin, soy sauce, peppers
■ Allergic items
Soybeans / wheat
■ Contents

After opening, please refrigerate and consume as soon as possible.