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【HASHIKYU】Chopsticks ”Easy” -楽々箸-


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Chopsticks that are easy to use even if you are not familiar with chopsticks♪

Recommended for those who want to use chopsticks but can't use it well, and for beginner chopsticks.
Many practice chopsticks are for children, and it is hard to use as chopsticks for adults because of their appearance and size. In that case, why not try using this easy chopsticks.
It is perfect for those who want to get a feel for eating with chopsticks.
Raku-Raku Chopsticks are used in Japan for those who have injured hands for rehabilitation or as chopsticks that can be easily pinched by elderly people, so their ease of use is approved.
The natural fit of the chopsticks eliminates unnecessary stress.
Safe and secure as it uses natural wood.
It has a wiping lacquer finish.

Length of chopsticks: 22.5cm (8.86in)