Sauce "Fuji" For Shabu-shabu -富士しゃぶしゃぶに夢中-

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If you eat this, you may not be able to return to the traditional sauce

We combine Fuji Vinegar Premium with a rich stock of dried scallops. Pour the sauce into a bowl, and sprinkle the powdered Sansho (Yamatsu Tsujita) that comes with the product on your own.

For the raw materials, the HANDRED member of the fifth generation, "Mitsuboshi soy sauce" from Horikawa Nomura, and "Fukuki Jun Aged Hon Mirin" from Shiraugi Sake Brewery. Both are gems that go through the traditional handmade process.

How to enjoy delicious Shabu-Shabu

When the hot water in the pan is boiled, put your favorite ingredients such as pork loin, spinach, agar and enoki mushrooms and set to heat.
Put "shabu-shabu sauce" in a container and shake it with plenty of powdered Sansho.
You can enjoy a deep taste and an exciting scent that you have never had before.

raw materials:

Rice vinegar (manufactured by Kyoto prefecture), Koikuchi soy sauce (manufactured by Wakayama prefecture), Hon Mirin (manufactured by Gifu prefecture), dried scallops (manufactured by Hokkaido), kelp (manufactured by Hokkaido), (including some soybeans and wheat) * and Matsutsujida with "stone milled Asakura powder Sansho (0.2g x 10 bags)" Raw material: Sansho (manufactured by Osaka Prefecture)

expiration date:

8 months from the manufacturing date (Store at room temperature in a place not exposed to direct sunlight. Refrigerate after opening)