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Shizuoka Nikomaru Japan Organic-無農薬 静岡県産 にこまる- 2022 Crop


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Taste ranking in 2021 ~ Special A rank

Production area: Fujieda city, Shizuoka, Japan

Producer: Akihiro Matsushita

As rice suitable for the climate of Shizuoka, it became a registered variety in Shizuoka prefecture in 2011 and is very popular.In 2010, it won first place in the "Rice Japan's No. 1 Contest".

The rice grains are large, there are few immature grains, and it is glossy and plump.

As for the taste, rice is characterized by its chewy texture and strong stickiness.

The taste is a little light, and chewing will increase the taste.It's delicious with a smile on your face.

Pesticides: No chemical pesticides used
Fertilizer: No chemical fertilizers used
Protein content: 7.0-7.2%.
Grain size: 2.15 mm or larger

How to Cook Delicious Rice


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Q. Please tell me how to cook good rice!

A. We'll take care of it!
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