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Shizuoka Kamiakari "Only Brown" -静岡県産 カミアカリ※玄米のみ-2020 Crop


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From Shizuoka Prefecture Kamiakari.

"(Shizuoka Prefecture / Fujieda-city) Akihiro Matsushita."
Kamiakari produced by this organic farming is "giant germ rice born from Koshihikari". It is a special rice with a germ that is 3 to 4 times the size of normal brown rice. When you put it in the mouth, it is impressive that the texture of the giant germ, which is a characteristic of Kamiakari, is bubble wrap in the cut. It is a rice with a lot of sweetness, and the sweetness appears in the mouth before you feel the astringent taste peculiar to brown rice. It continues until the rice grains are swallowed, and the umami remains in the mouth like after eating corn.