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【SHOKUO】All-purpose seasoning oil ”Jade” - 王冠の雫シリーズ翡翠 - 100ml

Best Before: Sep/18/2023

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This magical seasoning is a hot topic in Japan!

This "Jude" is an all-purpose seasoning oil handmade with an original method by adding the highest quality ingredients from Tokunoshima, Kagoshima Prefecture, which is said to have the world's longest life expectancy, fresh tuna aged at low temperature for one month, and high quality olive oil from Italy.

It can be mixed with ingredients as a "seasoning oil" or directly poured over as a "finishing oil".
Jade is made from freeze-drying Amami island thistle from Tokunoshima, which has been proven to have wonderful medicinal properties, and has great nutritional value while maximizing color and flavor.
Thanks to its strong ability to reduce odor and bring out flavor and aroma, freeze-dried Amami shima thistle is a perfect match with cooked seafood, sashimi, mushrooms, cheese, natto, and more.

You can also add a few drops to wasabi and soy sauce for a delicious dipping sauce.

【Five basic uses】
Stir-fry: add to your regular oil in Japanese, Chinese, and Western cooking.
Grilling: Grill, sauté, deep fry, deep fry on skewers, etc.
Finishing touches: Add a dash of oil at the end of each serving.
Secret ingredient : Omelets, croquettes, hamburgers, etc.
Blended oil : Lemon, olive oil, butter, soy sauce, miso, etc.
For best flavor, be sure to shake the oil before use.

【Best Couple of Ingredients that go well with Jade】
Mushrooms : sauteed, gratin, canapés, omelets
Bread : mixed with olive oil
Cheese : Mix with cream cheese or Camembert.
Natto (fermented soybeans): add a few drops
Seafood: sautéed, meuniere, grilled, pasta sauce, wasabi soy sauce for sashimi

Extra virgin olive oil (Italy), pure olive oil, sunflower oil, tuna, salt, garlic, Amami island thistle.
■Storage Method
Store at room temperature out of direct sunlight.
■How to use
Shake before use. It is a versatile seasoning oil that can be poured over, dipped in, or used as a finishing oil.