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【KANEJO】Sakura shrimp brown rice porridge soup -桜えび 玄米粥スープ-60g

Best Before: Nov/29/2022

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Additive-free, this taste, pour hot water and it's done

It has a gentle taste using only additive-free and Japanese ingredients.
No cooking required, just pour hot water and you're done.
We use sakura shrimp and brown rice from Shizuoka.
It is a simple Japanese food that does not require cooking or rice cooking at home, in the office, or on the road.
Gentle taste and moderate volume. One bag is for about 4 mugs.
Also for breakfast, midnight snacks, and snacks.

Brown rice, processed wakame seaweed (wakame seaweed, crude sugar, salt, kelp powder), roasted brown rice (manufactured in Japan), dried bonito, cherry shrimp (from Suruga Bay), dried sardines, processed kelp (kelp, rice vinegar) , Hitoegusa

【How to】
Pour 100cc of hot water into 3 large teaspoons (about 15g), stir, and wait for a while before serving.