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【HASHIKYU】Chopsticks "Steam Locomotive" -【JR東日本商品化許諾済】プレミアムSL(D51498、C6120)箸-


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Steam locomotive, which once played an active part on the front line, is still loved by many people as well as railway fans.

Among them, the premium design chopsticks that have been licensed for commercialization of JR East Japan that designed "D51498" and "C6120" that are actually running even among the popular "Digoichi" D51 and "Shirokuichi" C61.

Born in 1940, the D51 is manufactured primarily for freight transport, with a total production of 1,115 cars. It is the most common type of locomotive. The retro look is loved not only by railroad fans but also by many people, and is nicknamed "Degoichi". After retiring in December 1975, 498 of them was restored in 1988.

The C61 steam locomotive was active in the Tohoku region and was the driving force behind the sleeper limited express "Hatsukari" and "Hakutsuru."

For details, please see the JR East SL introduction page in Japan.

It is still operating regularly.
Recommended for those who like Steam locomotive.

Length of chopsticks: 22.5cm (8.86in)