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【SOKEN】Plant-based chicken gobo-meshi style - 植物素材 鶏ごぼう飯風の素 -

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This rice stock is made with only vegetable ingredients; Using minced soybean meat made from Japanese soybeans, fried soybeans made from Japanese soybeans, and Japanese vegetables (burdock root and carrot), this plant-based chicken gobo-meshi is a nutritious and delicious option that is quick and easy.

〇This is a recipe for takikomi-gohan (cooked rice) made only with plant ingredients.
〇Minced soybean meat made from Japanese soybeans, Japanese soybean fried tofu, and Japanese vegetables (burdock root and carrot) are used.
〇Japanese kelp and shiitake mushrooms are used for the broth.
〇For seasoning, we use soy sauce made from Japanese soybeans, raw sugar from sugarcane produced in Kikai Island, Kagoshima Prefecture, and Ajino-mother.
〇You can easily enjoy authentic "takikomi-gohan" (cooked rice) by simply cooking rice with it.
〇The soy sauce, fried bean curd, and granulated soy protein used in this product are produced and distributed under separate production and distribution controls to prevent contamination from genetically modified soybeans.
〇This product is for 2 cups (2-3 servings)

Vegetables (burdock root, carrot), soy sauce, tane oil, deep-fried tofu, granulated soy protein, sugar, fermented seasoning, kelp dashi, shiitake mushroom dashi, (contains wheat and soybeans)

■How to cook

1. Wash 2 cups of rice.
2.Add the same amount of water as for normal cooking.
3.Add one bag of this product and stir gently.
4.Cook rice in the same way as normal rice, and stir gently when finished cooking.
5. Serve with seaweed and chopped green onions, etc., if desired.