【MARNA】SUNOKO lunch box - すのこランチボックス -

Best Before:
Keep the deliciousness with the duckboard effect
A lunch box with a duckboard that keeps the deliciousness of rice and side dishes without getting messy over time.

Water droplets and excess oil fall under the drainboard, so rice and side dishes are not messy. Also comes with packing that prevents juice from leaking. The bottom is round and easy to wash.

* Microwave oven is OK with the lid on
* Dishwasher OK

■Product Details
Material: Body and lid / drainboard , polypropylene packing and band / silicone rubber
Heat-resistant temperature: Body / lid / drainboard / 140 ° C Packing / band / 200 ° C
Cold resistant temperature: -20 ℃

Capacity: 600mL
Size: Approximately 168 x 64 x 102 mm

* This product is not a closed container. If placed sideways, juice may leak.
* To enhance the packing effect, install it in the correct position so that it is not twisted.
* Cannot be used for open flames, grills, oven toasters, etc.