【IIO】Vinegared Dish for Vinegar "Fuji" -富士すのもの酢-

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Easy! This one is good at a vinegared dish

All you have to do is add to the prepared ingredients such as vegetables and seaweed, and you will have a delicious vinegared dish in no time. It's a natural taste that doesn't give a tingle, so it's especially recommended for those who are not good at vinegar.
It has a soft taste that is a combination of "Junmai Fuji Vinegar" and natural soup carefully drawn from kelp and dried bonito flakes. Both kelp and bonito flakes are made using domestic first-class products. You can also add sesame oil or soy sauce to dress salad.

How to enjoy "Fuji Sumono Vinegar"

Lightly garnish with vegetables (cucumbers, carrots, cabbage, turnips, etc.), and add to the vinegar. Very easy and delicious.
Combine "Fuji Sumono Vinegar" with oil (sesame oil, olive oil, etc.) to dress salad. You can adjust the amount of oil, so it is healthy.
Even if you use miso or mayonnaise with "Fuji Sumono Vinegar", it will be delicious. Add sesame for a better flavor.

raw materials:
Rice vinegar (manufactured by Kyoto Prefecture), Shirotamamari [wheat, salt, shochu] (manufactured by Aichi Prefecture), Hon Mirin (manufactured by Gifu Prefecture), sugar [crude sugar] (manufactured by Kagoshima Prefecture), dried bonito (manufactured by Kagoshima Prefecture), kelp ( (Hokkaido)

expiration date:
1 year from the date of manufacture (Please store at room temperature in a place not exposed to direct sunlight. It should be refrigerated after opening. Precipitates derived from natural raw materials may occur, but there is no problem with quality. Shake well. )