【QUEEN MADE】Seasoning for Cooked Rice "Red Snapper"-瀬戸内天然真鯛の鯛めし・まぜごはんの素-

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Setouchi natural red snapper mixed rice

This is a red snapper rice that can be mixed simply by carefully grilling the natural red snapper, adding fried Kyoto and sesame to give an elegant taste.
Lightly loosen one bag as it is, and mix it with one cup of warm rice (about 200 g) to make Ehime's red snapper rice. You can enjoy it with more flavor by adding tree buds, chopped large leaves, chopped green onions, chopped seaweed, etc. to your liking.

[Ingredients] Red snapper (from the Seto Inland Sea), deep-fried tofu, sake, starch syrup, rice oil, salt, sesame, citrus juice (part of the ingredients include wheat, soybeans and sesame)
[Contents] 40gx3
[Preservation method] Store in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight, high temperature and high humidity.