Sause Yuzu Ponzu "Fuji"-富士ゆずぽん酢-

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Plenty of juice is the deciding factor of the scent! Yuzu ponzu that boasts of soup stock

The fresh scent that rises is a lot of fully-ripened yuzu and kabosu juice. The brewer carefully took the best dashi stock from kelp and bonito flakes, and mixed it with only natural ingredients. When you open the seal, you can feel the abundance of fruit juice from the citrus scent that floats all around.
Tokushima yuzu fruit juice and Oita kabosu fruit juice. Rishiri kelp from Hokkaido. Kagoshima bonito flakes and raw sugar. And 100% Japanese soybean soy sauce and our "Jyunmai Fuji Vinegar" brewed by Iio. It is carefully made using luxuriously selected materials from Japan.

How to enjoy "Yuzu ponzu"

For tofu, gyoza, salad, etc. Please use it instead of soy sauce.
Use "Yuzu ponzu" for the best taste.
Spicyly grilled fish and roasted meat.
Healthy vegetable salad is also recommended. It's delicious when sprinkled on boiled vegetables and meat!

raw materials:
Koikuchi soy sauce (manufactured by Hyogo prefecture), yuzu fruit juice (manufactured by Tokushima prefecture), kabosu fruit juice (manufactured by Oita prefecture), rice vinegar (manufactured by Kyoto prefecture), sugar [raw sugar] (manufactured by Kagoshima prefecture), bonito flakes (manufactured by Kagoshima prefecture), Kombu (Hokkaido), (Some include soybeans and wheat)

expiration date:
8 months from the date of manufacture (Please store at room temperature in a place not exposed to direct sunlight. Please refrigerate after opening. The upper surface turbidity is derived from the fruit juice used. Shake well. )


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