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【YOSHIDASARASHI】Strainer bag "Cotton with Power of Silver" -だしこし袋 吉田晒ミューファン-


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Uses patented sterling silver thread

The sterling silver thread "Mufan" suppresses the growth of bacteria and prevents the generation of unpleasant odors.
Since it does not affect yeast and mold bacteria, it can be used without affecting yeast-based dishes, miso and bran beds.
Made in Japan with particular attention to materials, sewing, domestic and domestic processing.
It is a must-have item for traditional kitchens and kitchens with excellent water absorption and tensile strength.
It is strong and durable and can be washed and used many times. * If you put it in the dryer, it will shrink a little.
Since no fluorescent dye is used, the color of the cloth will be a natural yellowish white instead of pure white.

It can be used for soup stock as usual, but we have handled it assuming that it will be used with bran!
You can use it as a bath salt by putting bran in a dashi bag, tying it tightly, and putting it in the bath.
You have to knead the bran bag to extract the ingredients of the bran in the bath, but this dashi bag will not tear and will not leak from above, so it is highly recommended. * Although it has an antibacterial effect, it does not affect mold bacteria, so wash it without leaving it after use.
The bran bath has a natural bactericidal effect and gently removes sebum and dirt. In addition, ingredients such as ceramide contained in the bran moisturize the skin and warm the body to the core.
<size> 15cm x 15cm ( 5.9in x 5.9in )