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Our Company

The Rice Factory, also known in other countries as "Tawaraya Genbei III". Tawaraya Genbei III was established in Hong Kong in 2009 as the first overseas shop specializing in Japanese rice.

rice and hand

The idea came from a desire to bring rice that we really enjoy to overseas markets.

At that time, there was no fresh and tasty Japanese rice available in Hong Kong, and the mainstream was Japanese rice produced in other countries (or “Japonica rice”). Japanese rice is the result of the tireless efforts of farmers, the crystallization of craftsmanship. Its taste and aroma, as well as the fact that it does not turn yellow and tastes good even after it has cooled down, cannot be replicated by Japanese rice produced in other countries, even if it is the same variety.

Finding rice that really tastes good

In order to find the best, safest and tastiest Japanese rice, we traveled all over Japan to visit producers and taste-test their rice.

At first, we thought to ourselves, "There is no way this rice will be accepted overseas with cheap foreign rice. Isn't this a reckless challenge?” It was; however, despite this, we have been able to meet some very assuring producers and partners from all over Japan who agree with our strong philosophy of working together to spread the benefits of "Made in Japan" rice to the world through the use of clean water, air and soil, and above all, passionate rice farming.

With the enthusiastic support of these producers, we have carefully selected only the best quality rice that we are convinced is the best rice to be grown under contract for export overseas.

Cooked rice
Pouring rice

The best Japanese rice in the world, in the best condition

What’s important for us is having "the best Japanese rice in the world in the best condition". Rice is a perishable food. We export the rice that we receive from producers all over the country in an uncooked form in low-temperature containers that are kept in an optimal environment, and we also store the rice in the same low-temperature warehouses overseas. The rice is then polished at the company's own rice mills in each overseas location for each order to be delivered on time. Milled and packed by skilled millers according to the temperature and humidity conditions of the day, this ensures that the rice is delivered to the customer in the freshest and best quality possible.

This uncompromising commitment to details is the key to our quality.

Not only just a rice miller, but also an evangelist for the spread of rice in Japan

Not only do we sell rice, but we also introduce our knowledge of rice, its production process, how to cook it, recipes, and the culture behind Japanese rice to various overseas media, kindergartens, schools, events, etc., so that people overseas can learn more about Japanese rice and food culture and love it for many years to come. We also work as "Japanese rice evangelists".

Our rice in the physical store
the rice factory storefront

Good taste is universal

Since our founding, we have received more than 140,000 orders from private customers and have been chosen by more than 400 Japanese restaurants and sushi bars abroad that, too, are committed to their ingredients.

Now, with the hope of bringing fresh and delicious Japanese rice to the world, we have opened our second branch in Singapore - the Singapore Rice Mill, our third branch in Taiwan, our fourth branch in Hawaii, and our fifth branch in New York, the heart of the world, with greet receptions all over the world.