steak don with onsen tamago recipe

[RECIPE] Steak Don with Onsen Tamago

This Japanese beef steak rice bowl recipe is a perfect blend of tender steak meat, savory sauce over freshly cooked rice. The addition of Onsen Tamago (soft-cooked egg) enhances the dish, imparting the richness of a runny egg yolk.
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rice croquette recipe

[RECIPE] Rice Croquettes

Ketchup flavored rice with melting cheese, coated in a golden panko crust, Rice Croquettes make for the perfect snack or appetizer. Bring out your leftover rice, let’s make this delicious fusion rice dish. 
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shio buta don

[RECIPE] Shio-Buta Don

This is a salt-flavored (Shio) pork (Buta) stir-fry with a savory starchy sauce served over freshly cooked rice. The delicious rice bowl dish is infused with the flavors of garlic and sesame oil, making it a satisfying one-bowl meal that will leave you craving for more.
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curry fried rice recipe

[RECIPE] Curry Fried Rice

This delightful rice dish is made by cooking carrot mixed rice, then combining stir-fried meat and vegetables in curry flavor. Making carrot rice brings some sweetness to the dish, which blends well with the spicy kick of the curry powder.
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how to cook brown rice

[How to cook] Japanese Brown Rice

Japanese brown rice, also known as “Genmai,” is short-grain brown rice. Brown rice retains the bran and germ intact, making it rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber. It is less sticky than white rice, has a nutty flavor, and subtle sweetness.

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how to cook white rice

[How to cook] Japanese White Rice

Japanese rice is short-grain rice. "Hakumai," Japanese white rice, is milled to remove the rice bran from the brown rice, known as "Genmai". "Butsuki-mai" is partially milled rice, named after how much of the bran has been removed from the brown rice.

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Sushi cake

[RECIPE] Sushi Cake

Let’s transform Sushi into a delightful cake-shaped dish, perfect for birthdays or any celebration to add a touch of elegance to the table. Decorate the molded Sushi with vibrant ingredients – Sashimi fish, egg, vegetables, ensuring each Sushi Cake slice becomes a delicious bite.
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Temaki sushi

[RECIPE] Temaki Sushi

Temaki Sushi (hand roll Sushi) offers a delightful fusion of flavors and textures, making it an ideal choice for both festive gatherings and effortless weeknight dinners. With a simple yet satisfying assembly process, you can customize each roll to suit your palate.
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yaki onigiri

[RECIPE] Yaki Onigiri

Elevate your BBQ experience with the delicious Yaki Onigiri, grilled Japanese rice balls. These tasty treats boast a tantalizing contrast of textures - crispy exteriors yielding to fluffy, savory interiors. For optimal flavor, consider crafting it with leftover rice or cooled cooked rice, ensuring they maintain the shape.
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tomato risotto

[RECIPE] Tomato Risotto

This recipe is a delightful fusion of flavors that transforms leftover rice into a gourmet experience. The savory essence of bacon with the luscious tomato and creamy risotto, it creates a symphony of taste and texture.
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Inari sushi recipe

[RECIPE] Inari Sushi

Inari Sushi is a traditional Japanese dish that consists of vinegared rice stuffed into seasoned Aburaage, deep-fried thin Tofu pouches. It’s a popular dish for bento box items, or making it for Japanese cultural festivals. This sweet and savory dish is simple to make at home.
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Katsudon recipe

[RECIPE] Katsudon

One of the world-popular Japanese dishes, Katsudon, is made with Tonkatsu - pork cutlet, eggs and soy sauce and Dashi broth based savory sauce over a bowl of freshly cooked rice. Crispy Katsu, soft and half-runny eggs, and the delicious sauce are perfect combination for a satisfying meal.
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