Welcome to the rice factory!
For Commercial

For Restaurants

If you are looking for delicious rice, leave it to us!

Are you giving up on serving delicious rice because you can't get high-quality Japanese rice, the "life" of Japanese food, or that you can't cook rice well due to difficulties in training for using rice cookers?

At the Rice Factory, we offer the same high-quality Japanese rice to individuals for direct delivery to shops near New York.

We offer and supply consistent quality rice supervised by a rice and food appraiser, guidance, and support on how to cook rice, and we can also lend out the Rice Factory's original wooden signboard that says " Japanese rice used".

We will help you to make that delicious Japanese food that you are looking for with our experience and commitment as a rice specialty store. In addition, we also offer seasonings specially selected by the Rice Factory buyers and help with the distribution from Japan.

For Grocery Stores

Do you want to sell high-quality, freshly-milled Japanese rice or other additive-free products that you can't find anywhere else in your store and make your customers happy? The Rice Factory will be happy to help you.

At the Rice Factory, we will be happy to wholesale to you.

★ We will provide you with samples of our rice and additive-free products ★

(Free of charge for the first time.)

We offer free samples of our products to buyers and procurement managers of restaurants and grocery stores. (First time only)

If you are looking for the best rice or additive-free products, please feel free to contact us.

tying rice bags

Delivery Process

01 - Inquiry and Application

Firstly, feel free to contact us and tell us about your requirements for rice and additive-free products. We will then be able to suggest which brands and products would best suit your requirements.

02 - Meeting

We will meet with you in person to discuss your requirements in detail.

(e.g. lot size, shipping pace, unit price, payment terms, etc.)

03 - Sample Preparations

We will provide you with samples of the rice and additive-free products that you have requested.

04 - Contract and Products Production/Delivery

Once the samples are acceptable, we will ask you to fill in the account form and will then start to deliver the products.

For more information, please contact us using our Contact Form.

Please do not hesitate to contact us.