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Learn the secret that our rice is delicious.

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Production Area ・ Brand ・ Taste ・ Fragrance ・ Stickiness ・ Gloss
These are the important factors we focus on. We are confident that each and every customer will be satisfied as you can choose the rice that best suits your needs.


Experience the Art of Kaiseki at New York's Kaikagetsu

Beef connoisseurs from all over are encouraged to run, not walk, to Kaikagetsu to enjoy some of Japan's most prized beef, also known as Hida Wagyu. The high-class Lower East Side restaurant showcases the luxurious and elevated kaiseki-style dining experience, marked by its paced, multi-course design, flush with small, appetizer-style dishes, or sakizuke, and sashimi-style dishes, or mukozuke. Among these, diners get the unique chance to experience the tender quality of exceptional beef from the city of Hida, Gifu prefecture, known for its distinct marbling, texture, and unique fragrance.
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Isle of Us

Get Nourished at NYC's Isle of Us, the Cafe & Marketplace Passionate About Community & Quality Food

For foodies planning on spending the day in Manhattan, we recommend visiting Isle of Us, an Upper East Side grocer, and cafe with a menu that will nourish your mind, body, and spirit. Located just on the corner of 3rd and East 84th Street, this local cafe makes healthy eating a breeze for anyone living or working in the area. Everything in this little nook is made with impeccable attention to quality, freshness, and detail, from their cozy made-to-order meals to their rustic pantry foods.
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Event Feature: Helping the Little Hands at Aozora Gakuen Learn the Culinary Art of Japanese Rice

Event Feature: Helping the Little Hands at Aozora Gakuen Learn the Culinary Art of Japanese Rice

One of the many advantages of partnering with local food businesses is the opportunity to take part in exciting hands-on events. Most recently, Aozora Gakuen, a local preschool that uses the rice factory NEW YORK’s rice for their school lunches, invited us to participate in one of their educational programs during their Mid-Winter Break Camp. This year, the Brooklyn-based preschool’s educational focus was on teaching their toddlers how to cook delicious Japanese food. To contribute, we sent some of our trusty rice sommeliers to show the kids at Aozora the incredible journey Japanese rice takes before ever making it to their plates.
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