Q. How do you determine that the freshness of the rice is excellent?

  • A. We ensure the freshness of our rice!
  • Rice is a perishable product – it is transported and stored in our shop at a temperature of 15°C. We recommend that you order rice in portions that you can eat within a month, as the rice begins to oxidize as soon as it is polished.

Q. What is the best rice polish rate?

  • A. That's up to you of course!
  • Brown rice is the most nutritious, but it is harder and takes longer to cook, so it is not to everyone's taste. For ease of eating, 30% milled rice is easier for children to eat than brown rice. We encourage you to try the different milling rates.

Q. I received my order in a damaged condition. What should I do?

  • A. Please take a photo of the damaged condition and contact us.
  • It would be a shock to receive an item that is damaged. We are very careful with our packaging, but in rare circumstances, an item may be damaged. We will contact the shipping company based on the pictures we receive from the customer and send the new product again to the customer.

Q. Please tell me how to cook good rice!

Q. Why is Kamiakari not polished?

  • A. Polishing the rice causes the loss of the nutritious embryo. Kamiakari is a rice with a very large embryo, so we do not polish the rice as not to lose its characteristics.